Dental Examinations
28 PA Code 23.3(a)* states "Dental examinations shall be required on original
entry into school and in grades three and seven."

PA Private Dental Form

     PA School Dental Record

     Dental Hygiene Authorization Form

     Guidelines for the Dental Health Program 
     (updated version to be posted soon)

                                         The Link Between Oral Health and Learning  

Steps for Establishing a Sealant Program (8/2/2007)

An on-line resource manual walks you through the steps for establishing
a sealant program. Produced in association with the American Association
for Community Dental Programs in collaboration with the National Maternal
and Child Oral Health Resource Center.

Available at
Physical Examinations
28 PA Code 23.2(a)* states "Medical examinations...shall be provided on
original entry into school, in grade six and in grade 11."

       Progress Notes
       School Health Record 


* 28 PA Code Chapter 23(Department of Health Regulations, School Health Regulations)
Last Modified on December 12, 2014